Saturday, December 21, 2019

My Company Infinite Technologies ( Infi Tech ) Essay

At all education institutions, including The University of Auckland there are many international students. Many of whom have very limited english and therefore do not get the full university experience as they are severely disadvantaged in a very important aspect of university: communication. Seeing a growing need here, My company Infinite technologies (Infi-Tech) has developed a software which uses google translate, a microphone, googleglass and an earpiece in advanced new technology which translates someone speaking in real time from the mic to the earpiece. This allows the students to understand conversation and understand teachers better, and they will therefore become more intergrated with univesity. 3. BUSINESS SECTION 3.1 Vision At Infi-Tech we believe that new generation technology will give people the opportunity to lead more enjoyable, happier and better lives. 3.2 Industry Analysis: The Wearable translation device industry Force: High/Low: Justification: Buyer power: Low As there at present is no such product that exists like this, buyers only have one option. Supplier power: High The google-glass required to install on the product is required, so google holds the bargaining power when making deals. Threat of new entrants: High Due to the relatively easy nature for large IT companies to create products and/or upgrade previous products, they can release a new product overnight that could take all marketshare. Threat of substitutes: High The product is rather

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