Monday, February 10, 2020

Post-Partum Depression in Latin American Women in the South Bronx Research Paper

Post-Partum Depression in Latin American Women in the South Bronx (Ages 20-25) - Research Paper Example South Bronx is an area well known in United States that was heavily crashed by the Second World War. The war affected all sectors of life, economic, social, political, and cultural and employment. Due to the impact of the war, people in this area live in great poverty and under poor conditions (Sierra, 2008). Q. 2. Since many centuries back, there was a relationship between depression and childbirth. Nowadays, researches have been done and clear evidence that many depression and other mental conditions are as a result of pregnancy. This is in accordance with Latin American Researchers who found out that mood turmoil in women especially depression are related to pregnancy. South Bronx is the poorest district in the United States. Additionally, it is the district that reports many cases of women ailing postpartum depression. Of the total population, 256,544 which represent 38% live below the poverty line. This is in accordance with a report issued by US census Bureau (Sierra, 2008). Re ports show that approximately 61% of women experience anxiety after birth and later reduces during the fifth week after childbirth. An average of 13% of women experience PPD which may last for months after delivery Chances of a woman experiencing PPD vary depending with age, background, level of education, history of depression among others. ... Many people living in South America are Latin and black Americans. Majority of Latinos’ and black Americans live in South Bronx, a district known to be lived by people with no prospect of employment (Sierra, 2008). A large population of people has low income while the rest are unemployed. In 2005, 205,000 middle age women were treated with PPD in the United States. The cause of the high rise of postpartum depression in this area in young women is due to lack of financial support, unexpected pregnancies and abandonment (Sierra, 2008). Many young women in south Bronx engage in illegal activities like prostitution, drug trafficking, alcoholism and robbery to earn a living. These are some of the risk factors causing depression which is the cause of PPD. Additionally, poor health conditions is another factor leading to postpartum depression in Latin Americans living in south Bronx. Due to poverty, many women do not receive health assistance during pregnancy and after birth. For tho se who seek medical assistance, chances are that they receive low quality services due to lack of enough finances. It is normal that during the first few weeks many women experience moody feelings, lose appetite, hopelessness, difficulty in sleeping due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and after birth (Rosenfield, 2006). These feelings are called baby blues which are normal feeling to almost 80% of new mothers. In some cases, these feelings can be persistence leading to serious mental disorders like postpartum depression (PPD) or postpartum psychosis. This condition may affect women in their early years (20-30) of reproduction than during the late years. The main reason is unwanted pregnancies, poverty, abortion, complications during

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